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Welcome to Donovan’s Journey

Donovan’s Journey has been created to do so many things for so many people.  First and foremost, it is here so all of us can know what Donovan is doing and where Donovan is located at any given time.  Second, it exists to share this incredible Journey our friend, brother, cousin, uncle has embarked to learn more about himself.  Finally, it gives us a way to let Donovan know at all times, there are those who care about him, those who love him, those who are thinking about him…all the time.

Through the DJ Forum, you can share your own thoughts with Donovan so he can go back anytime of the day to read your well-wishes…to see and feel the love each of us has for him.  A way to share our strength with him to make his way back to us.

Through Journal page, we can relive Donovan’s Journey as seen and read through his own eyes.

Through the Photos page, we can see the places and people whose lives he has undoubtedly touched along the way…not to mention the indelible mark they will have left on him.

Through the map below, you can see the cities and locations Donovan has visited throughout his Journey.

After much preparation, Donovan’s original route for this Journey was forced to be altered due to warnings from the media and correspondence from our friends and relatives in the Region. A special thanks to our contacts in Cairo; Marah and Jan*, we really appreciate your assistance and concern. As a result, Donovan will start his pilgrimage, by foot, in Jordan, then go to Israel, Egypt, (if possible), then fly to India. Except for the flight to India he will be walking to each destination, (a total of about 3,200 miles or so). We will not be in contact with him by cell as he does not wish to bring one. He did agree, as a comfort to the family, to bring a GPS tracking device. As requested by many of you we will post his progress according to the information we receive from his GPS. We will also get an occasional e-mail as he may have access at the various embassies and other sites. He is only bringing enough money for the purchase of local clothing – so that he can better blend in – supplies and some of the required border passes. He does have a hotel booked for his first night in Jordan.  We’ll continue to update the map and corresponding table below with the GPS coordinates as receive…

    1Amman, JordanAugust 27, 2013
    2Madaba, JordanAugust 30, 2013
    3Madaba, JordanAugust 30, 2013
    4Balqa, JordanAugust 30, 2013
    590, IsraelSeptember 1, 2013
    6Madaba, JordanSeptember 2, 2013
    790, IsraelSeptember 2, 2013
    890, IsraelSeptember 2, 2013
    990, IsraelSeptember 2, 2013
    1090, IsraelSeptember 6, 2013
    11Nazareth, IsraelSeptember 9, 2013
    12Nazareth, IsraelSeptember 12, 2013
    136122, Nazareth, IsraelSeptember 16, 2013
    146122, Nazareth, IsraelSeptember 27, 2013
    156122, Nazareth, IsraelSeptember 30, 2013
    166122, Nazareth, IsraelOctober 1, 2013
    17Jerusalem, IsraelOctober 4, 2013

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